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The chance of having an accident while driving a scooter in Cozumel is significant.
If you do not have experience driving a scooter, BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS !!!
The type of scooter used for rentals in Cozumel is very low to the ground.
It has very small wheels and does not handle well on wet streets or unpaved roads.

Make note of the scooter number and license plates and check it thoroughly for any damage. It is highly recommended to take the insurance.
You may later regret not doing it if the scooter is stolen or damaged.

Cars and Scooters for rental are only permitted on paved streets and roads.
If you leave the paved road to venture off on a unpaved road, you do so at
your own risk and you will be violating your rental contract.

Don't leave the rental shop without a helmet for yourself and one for any passenger
you might have. It may be hot and may be uncomfortable, but it will save your life!
You may also find yourself being stopped & fined by a policeman for no helmet.

Do not expect other drivers to respect you while driving a scooter.
Taxis and large trucks can be a major hazard.
Just the force of wind from their vehicle passing you can cause you problems.

Take it!!!
If you have an accident, and you are the one responsible for that accident
you will have to pay for all damages and all medical expenses for yourself
and everyone involved in the accident OUT OF POCKET. If you take the insurance
provided by the Rental Agency, it could save you a whole lot of grief as well
as keeping you OUT OF JAIL !! Yes, you read it correctly. The responsible party
may be detained until such time as the injured parties have been paid or have
at least agreed to accept the payment from the insurance company.

And another note of interest: Your insurance back home or whatever coverage is provided
by your credit card services will not help you when you are out of the country.
You may be able to recover some of the money paid out due to an accident once
you return home and make a claim. Just be sure to get as much paperwork as you
are able after the accident and get copies of any bills paid.

The best thing is to DRIVE SAFELY!!

& Have A Safe And Wonderful Vacation In Cozumel !

Cozumel, Mexico