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Red Cross (Cruz Roja) in Cozumel is able to save lives thanks to generous donations from residents and visitors.

In 2002 11,676 patients (tourists & residents) received Cruz Roja services. More than 2,500 of these patients required critical care transport by ambulance. With your donations, we were able to purchase 2 more ambulances, bringing the total number in service to 4. We were also able to purchase 2 semi-automatic defibrilators, 2 oxometers, 2 portable secretion aspirators and 7 regulators for oxygen tanks to provide more life saving capability in those ambulances.

All of this, thanks to your donations !

We are all aware that this year has been a difficult one for everyone, but we ask you to keep in mind that your generosity goes directly back into the Cozumel community to provide the various critical care services rendered by the Cruz Roja. All donations are tax deductible .

Our annual fund raising campaign this year will start on March 24.

Please keep in mind the countless vital contributions of the Cruz Roja when you see one of our volunteers in the coming weeks.

Remember - Giving More is Giving Life !

Gracias a Todos !

Take a look at our Wish List.
See if you can help us.

Cruz Roja 20 Ave entre AR Salas y Calle 1a Sur # 199
Emergencies : Phone 872-1058 Fax 872-1057
For Ambulance Dial: 065 from any phone
Email : OR

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