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Our goal is to collect and deliver usable clothes (infant and adult), school supplies, and other necessary items to the needy. We also hope to raise the level of awareness about the needs of the people that live in areas that appear to be paradise. The areas we are currently focusing on are Cozumel, Belize, Southern Mainland Mexico & Cuba.


***There are no administrative fees associated with this program. 100% of donations go to the needy. All members of this program do their work on a volunteer basis and at their own expense.***



"SHARE YOUR HEART" is not the first program of its kind and hopefully will not be the last. Our goals are to help as many people with their basic needs as possible. For years caring people have been bringing donations to Mexico and other locations in need. The "SHARE YOUR HEART" program was started because many people wanted to know how to donate more or people had no way to get extra clothing to the right people. "SHARE YOUR HEART" is now the avenue for that purpose. We collect, wash, sort, and distribute goods, at our expense, to people who need them.
The donations are transported and given directly to the needy.

Share Your Heart/Dive With Martin
P.O. Box 134
Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mexico 77600
Phone: (011-529) 872-2610
Fax: (011-529) 872-1340


Share Your Heart
PMB 93-111
1605-B Pacific Rim Ct.
San Diego, CA 92154
Phone: (011-529) 872-6103

Cozumel-Click, Avenida 5 #325
Cozumel, Q.
Roo, Mexico 77600

Martin, the staff of Dive with Martin, and the members of Cozumel-Click, would like to thank everyone in advance for your support of this program.

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