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The Humane Society of Cozumel Asks for Your Help.

We are happy to announce to all animal lovers everywhere that
a recognized Humane Society has opened in Cozumel. A small,
one-time grant authorized by the Mexican government in 1993
was sufficient to build a clinic/shelter, which has been operating
since April 1996, attended by a full time resident veterinarian.
The priority program is to run a free spay-neuter campaign to
control the pet population on the island. The clinic offers at-cost
vet services, an adoption program, and euthanasia at no cost.

The shelter now is completely run on donations and volunteerism and could very much use
your help. If you would like to help them, here are a few suggestions.

When you come again on vacation, be a volunteer for 1/2 day.
Or at the least, visit the shelter/clinic and pick out an adorable island
dog or cat to take home with you. It is very easy and the shelter will help you to
arrange everything for you.
Please join us in our effort to make Cozumel a little more like paradise for all our
animal friends, as it is for us.

We wish to extend a very special thanks to www.Cozumel.Net
and Emerald Island for donating this web site.

Telephone: 857-0849; Cel: 044-987-800-1897
RFC: HCO971024 3LA

To Donate, Go Here:

We also periodically do a garage sale to benefit our furry friends.
So why not clean out your closet and bring it all down.
Things like clothes, shoes, household items, etc. are welcome.
Local Phone #: LISA 872-6162, MONICA 872-3952, KATHY 872-3326

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